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Hey there riders, with the new 450 Sport and 600 UT ATVs changes are coming to DRR USA.  Part of those changes includes the new DRR Offroad Blog. We’ve polished things up a bit like buffed plastic on a brand new ATV.

So what changes did we make?

Well, we want you to find the information you’re looking for. So how are we doing that? We’ve organized everything for you in a neat little menu.

The Rider Showcase page provides the information you need to nominate someone as a Hall of Fame Rider. We started that program because we appreciate all of you and we want to show you or someone you know off to everyone else.

If you’re looking for information about how to keep your child safe on an ATV or about what tires to use on what terrain and more, the hints and tips section can help you out with that. We’ll be adding to it regularly so keep an eye out for more.

All the latest news, updates, and announcements can be found in the Announcements section. In it are first looks at new products, sales, upcoming events, everything DRR. That includes any updates or issues with the website or social media.

We receive so many awesome photos through our contingency program we wanted to show them off. That’s what the DRR’s in Action section is for.  Check out some of our youth riders kicking up mud, dust, and sand as they tear up the track and trail on their DRX. If you want information on how to join the contingency program and get free stuff take a look at the contingency page.

Ever want have questions you want to ask other riders about your four wheeler, want to talk about an upcoming race, or maybe you just want to chat or debate? Well, we’ve come up with a solution for that. We’ve added a forum where all you Dirt Road Riders can have those discussions and more. Just sign up, and join in.

There’s one more big change to the blog we’ll be making, but it’s not quite finished just yet. We’re setting up a swag store so that you can deck yourself out in DRR. Shirts, hats, sweatshirts, T-shirts, our designers are working on it, so keep a lookout for that in the next few months on the DRR Offroad Blog.

That’s it for now have a good one and keep on riding.

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