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Calling all Dirt Road Riders! DRR USA wants to showcase the best of the best DRR riders to represent just how amazing and dedicated our Dirt Road Nation is. The post will showcase the amazing abilities of past and present riders on and off the track.

What Rider Showcase is all about:

The mission of our Rider’s Showcase is to spread inspiration to our guys and gals on the track riding and representing our ATVs today. These showcases are meant to show people just what you can really do while being a DRR rider.

The main requirement, be interesting! We at DRR USA are looking to showcase the most interesting riders to show that our dirt road riders are one of a kind. This can consist of cool tricks, fast lap times, intense training, or massive progress.

The process is simple; just show us what you got! You can nominate anyone, age doesn’t matter, the only requirement is that you ride or have ridden a DRR in your quad riding history. We will choose one rider to showcase quarterly.  During those three months, DRR will promote the chosen rider throughout our social media pages, including Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, and on our website.


If you are, or know some interested in being featured in our Rider’s Showcase, fill out the Google form HERE. Once we receive the Google form, we will send a response email to the chosen rider to notify them. Once chosen and confirmed, our DRR USA social media coordinator will ask for some videos and photos and write up a blog post. We will then feature the Rider on our Rider’s Showcase page of our blog and throughout our different social media platforms.