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Contingency Program

Become a Dirt Road Rider and join DRR’s Contingency Program!

  • Earn DRR Dollars towards parts on
  • Pay $25 on sign up and receive a 2019 DRR Retro Racing Jersey and $25 DRR Dollars towards parts
  • Receive a free hat and stickers for your quad just for signing up
  • Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube before submitting paperwork to receive $1 DRR Dollar per follow.

The first rule of contingency, ride a DRR. That could be a DB 50DRX 50DRX 70DRX 90DRR 450 Sport or DRR 600 UT.

Second rule, be safe. That means wearing the proper gear like a helmet.

Third rule, have a good time. Whether that’s with family, friends, on the track, or in your backyard. If you’re a kid, just make sure there’s an adult present. 

Fourth: Sign up for Instagram. It’s easy Already have an account? Awesome.

Finally, Take photos and videos at the track, on the trail, with your family as long as you’ve got your DRR. Share your #DRRLife on Instagram and tag @DRROffroad.

Create an account and get DRR Dollars towards ATV and Dirt Bike parts at

You can join whether you ride a DRX 50 or a DRR 450 Sport. This program is for both youth and adult Dirt Road Riders

Send the sign up forms via email or Fax it to:

*Give up to 2 weeks for the contingency paperwork to process. If it has been more than 2 weeks please send another email to or call 330-220-3102.

Have questions? PM us on FACEBOOK

DRR USA DRX ATV Four Wheeler Mini Youth Quad
DRR Guide to A-OK Contingency Photos and Videos
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