DRR Riders Hall of Fame – How to Be Nominated

DRR USA ATV Four wheeler riders hall of fame

Hey DRR Riders! DRR USA, Inc. is all about creating family memories through our award-winning ATVs. Owners Lou and Kim had this idea in mind when starting the business and it remains their goal today. Over the years, riders and their families have expressed so much joy, success, and fun by racing our products and we want to share those experiences in our new “DRR USA Hall of Fame.”

Through your nominations, DRR USA, Inc. will select one former DRR Rider or family every month to go in our Hall of Fame. We want to share countless stories and experiences through racing journeys, and give credit where it’s due. The Hall of Fame’s purpose is to also inspire current young riders as they hit the track. The program exists so new riders can look up to those who were once in their shoes.

If you know a rider or family of riders who rode DRR ATVs growing up, we’d love to feature them for an entire month. You can even nominate yourself or one of your own family members! Whoever you’d like to submit, please send their name, email address, and what year(s) they raced to, or message us directly on the DRR Facebook page:

Once DRR finishes the selection process, we will send chosen rider our DRR USA Hall of Fame Questionnaire. When the rider has filled out and returned the questionnaire, our Social Media Coordinator will write a feature article about them and post it to our website and blog.

Thank you for helping us draw attention to these amazing riders!